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Profeed is multichannel ecommerce management app product.

Our vision is to improve Profeed to help sellers, retailers, and brands to connect with customers easily. And optimize operations and grow sales channels. We are young company which interacts with young, rapid growing industry. We aim to expand Profeed App globally.

“As an E-Commerce and CRM veterans, we are working very hard to provide a platform with great features to help our clients to connect & manage e-stores easily. “

E-Commerce Managment

One platform for all your Products & Orders!


Product Information System

Profeed PIM(Product information management),  providing a centralized, simple and robust platform for sellers/brands to manage their products easily. It helps to create, manage and optimize product content to distribute them across multiple sales channels.

Profeed PIM is the source of truth for product data. Eliminates product duplication. You can create personalized content experiences.


Order Management System

Profeed OMS provide a single, centralized platform for managing orders from multiple sales channels. Including features below.

  • Expand your market and sell more by accessing multiple channels like marketplaces, ecom platforms etc..
  • Increase brand awareness by selling in multiple sales platforms
  • Track the inventory and fulfillment process
  • Manage your online and offline orders on one platform.
  • Reporting features to make sure you make the right decisions.
  • Connect with other e-commerce platforms



Synchronize products & orders across various ecommerce marketplaces, ecommerce platforms and websites around the world seamlessly.

Integrate with multiple online & offline sales channels, improve your customer reach, and increase your business profits.

We are here to support your E-Commerce journey.
Our consumer oriented approach and strong
commercial ecosystem are at your service.

World-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

Business Partners Reviews

Sedef NASUHİOĞLU Solvoyo

Profeed APP is intelligent and practical... Converts complex integration challenges into simple processes.

Fehmi DALKILIÇ Geniuss Logistics

Easy Integration, Syncronization And Automation For E-commerce Operations.'               

Gözde GÖLBAŞI Humm Organic

Provides faster operation with solution oriented, agile and smart approach.                       

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